About Us

Soaring Eagle Woodworking is a small family business that is locally owned and operated in the Gallatin Valley. The business is managed by Travis and Pam Volkman. We specialize in building fine quality custom wood furniture and decor.

Our company goals are simple; to provide top quality wood projects, that are finished within the time frame and within the budget.  To ensure we meet our goals, we thoroughly discuss all of the details with our clients, draw up a detailed set of plans, and calculate a materials list. By being thorough in our preparations it allows us to work as efficiently and effectively as possible so that we are able to provide our customer with their custom order in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. It is important to us that our customers are fully satisfied with their custom orders.

Travis and Pam both grew up with fathers who handed down their experience and knowledge of the construction and woodworking trades. They both spent much of their childhood in the shop building projects side-by-side with their fathers. Their passion for woodworking and construction stayed with them as the grew and eventually they both ended up taking woodworking and construction classes in high school and in college. It was during their woodworking class in college that Travis and Pam met. Upon getting married, a few years later, they felt destined to start a woodworking business together. They chose to name the business Soaring Eagle Woodworking in honor of the bald eagle who is so bold and powerful, yet so graceful and beautiful.

Travis and Pam look forward to providing their customers with fine quality custom wood furniture and decor for many years to come.

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